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Smart IoT portal
Capture previously untapped information in a smart Internet of Things portal and analyse it to improve your business performance. In the smart portal, large volumes of operational data can be easily analysed, visualised and integrated with existing systems. The portal enables you to determine and monitor data that is pivotal to your business.

Thingsdata will assists you in selecting the most suitable portal for data collection, data storage, reporting and analytics.

Connected organisation

Connect different devices and receive insights through information-exchange.

External surveillance

The portal allows you to connect, manage and monitor your devices.

Predictive maintenance

Anticipate maintenance and prevent downtime by monitoring your devices.  

World bundle 4G data service


Always the right connectivity for your IoT solution

With a selection of worldwide networks, Thingsdata can offer the right connectivity for every IoT solution. We work jointly with our dynamic and innovative partnerecosystem, through which we can offer a diverse set of telecom providers with the best national and international roaming contracts. M2M-connectivity, which stands for machine-to-machine communication, enables your devices to communicate with people, a smart portal and other devices. M2M-connectivity can be deployed with both high and low data usage, as well as VoIP and SMS. We offer 2,3 and 4G M2M-connectivity based on multi-network with advanced management portals and location-tracking.

Why M2M by Thingsdata?


Use the best available networks


Enthusiastic and dedicated support team


Ensure secure & stable connectivity

Cost savings

Pay the same rate across Europe

Why LoRa-connectivity?

Cost efficiency

Long lifecycles, low maintenance & complexity

Energy efficiency

One module transmits data for 10 years on two batteries

Location tracking

Track your devices with an accuracy of 50 to 150 meters


Enthusiastic and dedicated support team


An energy-efficient network specifically for IOT!

The LoRa network offers connectivity for sensor applications, such as temperature or track and-trace sensors. A characteristic feature of these sensors is long battery life and low bandwidth usage.

LoRa is a Long Range, Low Power solution that has been developed specifically for the transmission of small volumes of data between devices and smart portals. One LoRa-module has a lifecycle of 10 years, which allows for a cost-effective way to gain insights into your ‘devices’ and organisation.

LoRa presents endless possibilities, such as increasing the operating efficiency of your business through data insights.


Innovative hardware
Choosing the right hardware is crucial to your IoT solution, as all information is sourced from these devices. Every device has a communication module through which it establishes a two-way connection with the smart IoT platform.

The devices are equipped with several sensors that are each capable of collecting different types of information. Some devices have capabilities that go beyond measuring and detecting, as they can be programmed to react automatically to a certain trigger. To do so, devices must be equipped with remotely controllable actuators. The types of sensors and actuators largely depend on the smart application they are being used for.

You can make your business smarter through innovative hardware. Thingsdata gladly advises you on the most suitable hardware.


Thingsdata supplies a variety of sensors through its partners


Thingsdata supplies actuators to remotely control your devices

Communication modules

Securely connect physical devices to the cloud

Our partners

We work very intensively with the most progressive partners

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